Comprehensive Eye Examinations

When should I get my eyes examined?

It is generally recommended that every adult have a baseline complete examination at age 40. However, individuals with a family history of eye disease should be seen much earlier than this, as well as people with medical conditions such as diabetes. Dr. Szeles will inform you how often you need to have your eyes checked following your initial exam. This will depend on a variety of factors and be tailored to each individual. Seniors should have their eyes examined every 1-2 years regardless of their eye health status. 

What will be checked during my exam?

A complete eye exam should not take more than 45-90 minutes, including the 20 minute waiting period required for your eyes to dilate. You will be asked to provide a general health history, a complete list of medications, and a detailed eye history. Your visual acuity, eye pressure, peripheral vision, eye movement, and pupillary responses will be assessed. You may choose to have Dr. Szeles update your glasses prescription. Next, every detail of your eyes will be thoroughly examined under the examination microscope to look for any signs of eye diseases. Following this exam, follow up testing may be requested by Dr. Szeles to gather more information about your eyes. Every part of this process is crucial to understanding the health of your eyes.